About Home Care Beds

Quality is just as paramount for a home care bed as it is for a hospital bed. Mac’s Metalcraft recognizes the utmost importance of safety, strength and durability. It goes without saying that home care beds have to be safe for patients or the elderly who are cared for at home, but they also must address health and safety issues for at-home carers. They must be able to withstand the day to day rigours of home care, and be built to last.

Our low height nursing home beds, the Mac-1, offers comfort for the patient through electric height adjustment and electric backrest and ease of access for the carer, reducing the need for lifting the patient. It also features toe brake total lock castors to make sure the bed doesn’t roll away; a drop in headboard; and powder-coated surfaces for infection control and easy cleaning. The bed rises straight, so there’s no damage to walls from horizontal lifting.

Our Mac-2 floor level beds, as its name implies, has the great advantage of being able to be lowered to an ultra low height of 11cm. This home care bed is a very practical alternative to beds with safety side rails, which are increasingly being discouraged as a home care alternative. Using the Mac-2 means your nursing home beds patient faces a much lower risk of injury due to falling from bed. Bathing, dressing and moving to and from the bed are all made much easier.

Another advantage of the Mac-2 home care bed, and something that no other floor beds can offer, is the auto-retractive backrest. As the backrest is raised from the horizontal to the vertical, the lower edge of the panel moves away from the occupant towards the head of the bed. This acts to relieve pressure on the lumbar region and lessens the risk of any associated lower back pain. It also provides more leg room when the patient is sitting up, which is more accommodating for taller patients.

Home Care Beds

  • Mac 1 Electric Bed

    The Mac 1 Home Care Bed is OH&S compliant and has many great standard features.

  • Mac 2 Home Care Bed

    The Mac 2 Home Care Bed is able to go to the super low height of 110mm and is able to be folded for transport.

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Bed Safety Rails


Complete with the facility to lower and raise, our bed safety rails are ideal for use in hospitals and aged care facilities