Serena Ultra Low Bed

We are pleased to offer our Ultra Low columnless bed.

With all the features of a low-low bed and without the columns to obstruct the view, this bed combines the best of both worlds.

Having a low height of 16cm to reduce the risk of falls injuries and a raised height of 70cm to enable care-giving at a comfortable height, the bed is designed for comfort, and is user friendly.

With 4 profiling panels as standard, this bed can be contoured into a lounge chair position with the backrest vertical.

A telescopic, length extending foot extension is built into every bed with simple push button locking.

Removable head and foot panels are also standard on this bed.

Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positions are also available as standard.

The Serena is available in standard width and King Single width with other optional features.

It is presented in Scandinavian colours to break from the institutional look.

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Bed Safety Rails


Complete with the facility to lower and raise, our bed safety rails are ideal for use in hospitals and aged care facilities