Floor Level Aged Care Beds

Mac 2 Floor Level Bed

Mac’s Metalcraft proudly offers the Mac-2 floor level bed because we know the utmost importance of safety, strength and durability. It goes without saying that hospital and aged care beds have to be safe, whether they are used for patients in hospital, for the elderly in nursing homes or for those who are cared for at home, but they must also address health and safety issues for medical staff or carers. They must be able to withstand the day to day rigours of hospital or home care, and be built to last.

Our Mac-2 floor level bed, as its name implies, has the great advantage of being able to be lowered to an ultra low height of 11cm. The Mac-2 is specifically designed to address the “No restraint policy” which discourages the use of Safety Side Rails.  When an occupant is unattended the bed can be lowered to the floor to reduce the risk of injury in the undesirable event of a fall.

Another advantage of the Mac-2 floor level bed, and something that no other floor level bed can offer, is an auto-retractive backrest. As the backrest is raised from the horizontal to the vertical, the lower edge of the panel moves away from the occupant towards the head of the bed. This acts to relieve pressure on the lumbar region and lessens the risk of any associated lower back pain.

The Mac-2 also features the Trendelenburg position and lounge chair position and can be easily folded to allow for moving. It has a smooth, powder coated surface for infection control and easy cleaning and can be easily adapted for any environment. 

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